Candidate for Position Must be Male !

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genderdiscriminationintheworkplace02The title ,”Candidates for Position Must be Male! ” is quite direct form of gender discrimination in the workplace . Surprisingly,  there is both indirect and direct forms of sexual discrimination in the workplace today. Despite having the same equal abilities as men to perform any task , women are objectified in the workplace because of their gender ; whether it is unequal pay or neglect to promote. According to TNS Research Surveys, 68 percent of women surveyed believe gender discrimination exists in the workplace. If this act of discrimination continues, women will lose complete motivation and strive to do their job or apply for a job that could be their potential career.Moreover, another type of sex discrimination is ; sexual harassment. Based on an article by FindLaw, Women and men have the right to secure and perform their jobs free of unwanted demands for romantic or sexual relationships, or unwanted communications or behaviours of a sexual nature that interfere with their ability to work.  Federal laws prohibit sexual discrimination everywhere ; including the workplace. The workplace should be a place where the individual can feel comfortable to express their skills and grow further qualifications for their potential career. Sexual discrimination against women in the workplace should not be tolerated because women are equal to men.

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Here is a list of sex discrimination from Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

  • not hiring a woman because the boss thinks she won’t fit into a traditionally male workplace 
  • offering women and men different rates of pay or benefits for the same job 
  • not promoting a woman to a more senior position because it’s assumed the other staff won’t respect her authority 
  • dividing up work tasks based on whether staff are male or female 
  • insisting women wear different clothing at work to men, for example, short skirts 
  • not considering women for a particular role.
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Such discrimination in the workplace can lead to lack of motivation from women to succeed in jobs that could potentially be their career. They would have low self-esteem due to constant verbal or physical discrimination in the workplace.  If women do not receive jobs based on their gender ; this might lead to isolation from the society and potentially suicide if the person receives sexual harassment in the workplace or neglect from other co-workers.The workplace is a very important environment for the individual since they spend most of their time there and it is believed to be a second home. If the individual feels violated and uncomfortable in their second home ; the experience in the workplace could cause the person to be fed up and solve the problem with complete isolation. Due to these effects ; sex discrimination is a very serious and common matter in the workplace . As a society ; we should respect and acknowledge women and treat them equally as everyone else. The more women are felt welcome , the more construction workers, engineers and doctors are in our society to better our world. Companies that violate women’s rights in a job are under serious consequences since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects against sexual discrimination in employment based on the FindLaw article.

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